Dancer NoBreak from Bulgaria dances to the popular track from Imagine Dragons , Radioactive. You can find Nobreaks YouTube page here. Imagine Dragons are from Las Vegas and technically classified as an alternative rock back, but there hard rhythms easily cross over to the dubstep scene. . They quickly rose to fame with their debut studio album, Night […]

The song by Foreign Beggars Featuring Skrillex Still Getting It. This Dubstep duo dances to a song that is certainly not the easiest to perform to.   Foreign Beggars is a hip hop and dubstep group from the UK .The group was formed in 2002.  Foreign Beggars has evolved from an underground hip hop act to an electronic group. Foreign Beggars of […]

Dubstgep Duo and brothers perform hypnotic moves to the song Crave You (Adventure Club Remix) by Flight Facilities This Dubstep Duo called the DubStyleBrothers  is composed of  16 year old siblings from Germany. They say they are inspired by  the Dragon House dance crew. Flight Facilities is an indie  Australian electro Dubstep  making duo who also performs under the […]

Mariah Rodriguez a.k.a Robot RyRy produces hypnotizing moves to Kina Grannis – “Stars Falling Down” The song “Stars falling down” is from the album Stairwells that was released on February 23, 2010. Kina Grannis  who is half-Japanese and half-European American got her big break when she won the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl contest. As a result of winning, she earned a recording contract […]

Dancer Miss Ellie moves to Sunroof Cadillac by The Floozies Download link : Itunes: Amazon : The Floozies are  composed of duo  Matt Hill and Mark Hill from Lawrence, KS. The brothers produce cutting edge electronic  sounds combined with party rocking classic flavored funk. Watch Miss Ellie pop to this summertime classic

Video Freestyle Dance to Alive Krewella Rooftop moves courtesy of Dancer Ollie A. Download links to Alive by Krewella Krewella consists of sisters Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf  plus their cousin Kris “Rain Man” Trind.  Krewella has headlined at many worldwide electronic music festivals. These include Stereosonic, Ultra Music Festival,  and Electric Daisy Carnival. Kewella’s live performances earned them the […]

Amateur kid showing off his Skrillex Bangarang Dance Skills. What do you think do he have skills? Is this a song that is easy to move to?   Bangarang, the title song from the EP released in December 2011, has been Skrillex’s most commercially successful release to date. It it the charts in ten countries including Australia, […]

Video shot in China and The Great wall  featuring Marquese Scott. Maquese was in China for the “Booey Lehoo” Concert and Arts week.  Marquese moves combined with the ancient structure and  foggy atmosphere creates a mythical sensation.       China The Great wall dubstep features the Russian Lullaby mix by  Butch Clancy

Dancer BluPrint moves to Unlimited Gravity BluPrint of Dragon House Dancing whose real name is Dorian Hector shows us how to defy gravity as he moves to  Unlimited Gravity. “Mythical Reality” BluPrint has seen his name skyrocket in popularity since his apparence on the show  ”So You Think You Can Dance”. After watching BluPrint, I don’t the […]

Adele – Set Fire  Dubstep This cut featuring Marquese Scott moving to Adele Set Fire To The Rain (Ember Waves Dubstep Remix) is mesmerizing. Powerful song combined hypnotizing moves literally embodies the trance movement. Born in Inglewood, California and raised in Indianapolis, IN,  artist Marquese Scott makes moves that appear to defy the laws of physics. Download Links Adele Set Fire to the rain […]